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Integrity and reliability are the lifeblood of enterprise development

Jiangsu Landau New Energy Co., Ltd. was established in 2019 and is a photovoltaic new energy high-tech enterprise with independent intellectual property rights. Headquartered in Ganyu, Jiangsu, covering an area of about 288.7 acres。

Landau New Energy has established a technical team led by experts from the National Thousand Talents Program, a number of returned doctors, and European and American equipment experts, and has obtained a number of patents in the photovoltaic field. The workshop is equipped with 4 fully automated production lines, which can realize fully automated and intelligent production of photovoltaic modules. The business mainly involves the research and development and production of solar photovoltaic cells, modules and related electronic products; photovoltaic power generation systems and their supporting systems, photovoltaic equipment research and development, production, technical consulting, and technical services; photovoltaic power station project development, design, construction and photovoltaic power station System operation and maintenance, etc.

Landau New Energy follows the values of integrity, dedication and efficiency. Insist that human resources are the first resource for enterprise development, put people first, create a harmonious, friendly, and fair competition atmosphere, provide each employee with a good development platform and growth space, and set up effective evaluation and incentives to improve the ability and quality of employees. platform.

Landau New Energy is committed to becoming the world's most valuable solar technology company, providing customers with value-added products and services, providing employees with the most valuable employer platform for growth, and creating the best investment value for shareholders. Driven by innovation, keep products and services 'one step ahead' and build a leading brand in solar technology.

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