Integrity and reliability are the lifeblood of enterprise development

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Talents are the source of enterprise development. At the beginning of the company's establishment, the introduction, cultivation and management of talents are the top priority, based on the current and long-term perspective.

In terms of introducing talents, it has attracted international experts from France, the United States, Japan, Singapore, and the domestic industry. It has cooperated extensively with research institutes and universities to foster an “ecological chain” of coexistence of corporate talents. Everything has its place.

In terms of talent training, we use daily training, expert lectures, and overseas training to cherish every employee, pay attention to the growth and development of employees, and strive to build the best growth space for employees.

In terms of management talents, the company advocates the Laplace family atmosphere, pays attention to the work culture atmosphere, mental health maintenance, shares the company's growth results with employees, grows together with the company, and join hands to the high-end equipment business.

Talents Philosophy
Respect and respect others; respect the personality of others regardless of their position; respect different beliefs and personal preferences and privacy in a legal and ethical framework
Jiangsu Landau people regard creating opportunities for employees as the core of management, including giving employees the ability to gain a sense of job achievement, giving them access to corporate management opportunities, and having no “professional” “tops” in Jiangsu Landau, encouraging employees to internalize Long-term development, giving priority to the promotion opportunities of internal employees, internal post-employment, realizing the development of employees through open and fair competition mechanism, providing rich and flexible rewards and salary increase mechanism, matching with work achievements

Mechanical Engineers

Recruitment type: R&D class

Recruitment number: two

Release time: 2019-5-27